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Hangries was established in 2017, with its first branch in Barara, Hangries initially decided to be only one branch big, but soon enough after the growing popularity and demand, Hangries opened more branches in some of the prominent areas like Saharanpur, Panipat, etc. People from different domains joined us because Hangries believe in people’s passion and not in their qualifications. Hangries was never seen as a business opportunity, the idea behind it was more than that. Hangries was established for the betterment of society, with its key idea being to create new employment opportunities. Hangries also tried to introduce new tastes for such people who were unaware of these cuisines or people who lack the resources to give their taste buds an unorthodox taste. Our specialty? For every food item that comes out of our kitchen, you can choose anything from as simple as momos and French fries to Italian and Indo-Chinese cuisines. Every food item is made with love and the finest quality ingredients. In terms of purity, we work in the live kitchen concept, preparing everything in front of you. Hangries consists of 2 terms, Hunger + Anger; we used the concept that when someone is hungry they lose their cool and the only way to get them back to their senses is to feed them with flavorsome food and from there we got our tag line “Hunger Ka The End.”

Our Vision & Mission


To serve satisfaction to our customers through delicious, quality meals and extraordinary restaurant experience while working toward the greater good for our employees, community, and environment.


• To be the best while providing courteous, helpful service at all times, endeavoring to have every customer say that they plan to be back.
• To deliver the highest quality product at reasonable prices, the best consumer experience in the industry, and respect for the employees, business partners, and community.
• To become the taste of every home.

Core Values

• Our every customer steps out with a happy face and a full belly.
• A fine tuned team which provides fast and exemplary service.
• Wastage to the minimum – Recycling to the maximum.
• Working for the satisfaction.


Our Client Feedbacks

Awesome food, best in class staff n very reasonable prices with everday offers . I highly recommend .

-Sagar R

Hangires is a nice restaurant to eat with family . There steamed momos and Hakka noddles are nice in taste . I love it

-Aiyna Walia

Amazing amazing place. Staff members are very coordinate. Things are at reasonable price rate.


One of the best place for delicious fast food and sweet also. Also Available here party hall with sounds. A big hall for all type of celebrations like Birthday Parties, Anniversary, Dj Party, Kittiy Party, Grand Party Around 40 people. This place is specially known for Delicious Pizza's served by them. Fully A.C. hall with Attractive Decoration and furniture.


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